The A to Z of free casino games that can be enjoyed without downloading

  • Friday, Jan 22, 2021

If you are registered on , yiu can enjoy most of its games free on your device without downloading. However, you would need special software such as Flash or Shockwave to enjoy your free games. Flash is owned by Adobe Inc. and is used for the production of rich internet applications like sound, sound effects, etc. To download Flash, go to

Desktop versus Mobile

While you can play your favourite slot, roulette or just any other game on desktop and mobile device, we would recommend you use the latter more often. Mobile devices are incredibly small and light and you can carry them anywhere and play games. Today, most of the places in your town get stable and strong internet connection, so playing your game in a cafe, etc. is effortless.

When you play games on your phone, you aren't distracted by pop ups and ads. Also, most modern online casinos resize their game area to adjust the phone screen. You can view all the information and symbols easily on your screen. All the features and payouts of the game remain the same when you switch from a laptop to your mobile phone.

  • Create your online casino account in a few easy steps.
  • Play free games to become a better player


Playing online slots for free

Online slots deliver you almost the same experience which you get in land-based casinos. Basically, there are two kinds of slots- Classic and Virtual. The principles of winning in these games remain the same. Line up a few similar symbols on a payline and win your game. Classic slots have fruits, candies, bars, 7s and whistles as their standard symbols. One popular classic slot is Starburst.

The standard symbols in video slots have Ace, Jack, King, Queen, and Ten. These are low value symbols too. High paying symbols in these games vary from one video slot to another. For example, the high value symbol in Guns N'Roses game is a guitar. In a ship based slot, the symbol could be an anchor, a fish or a ship.

Online slots and their symbols

There are a few special symbols in online slots. However, these aren't present in every game. Check your paytable to see if you have Wild and Scatters in your game. Wilds act as the Joker in a deck, they substitute for missing symbols in a winning combination. There are three kinds of Wilds- Sticky, Walking and Expanding wilds. The other symbol is the Scatter.

You won't find many online slots with Scatters. These symbols, which are utterly random in nature can appear all of a sudden in your game and land on any corner of your game. Scatter can unlock some features in your game such as awarding your free spins. Use these additional spins to improve your winning chances. Scatters cal also multiply your existing wins.

  • Payouts from Scatters are lesser than your symbols
  • Several to gaming developers make free to play slot games.

Online roulette and how to play it

Roulette is a table based game and is offered for free by several gambling websites. When you start your free game, you might be awarded a Welcome Bonus by your casino. It is up to you to take up this offer. we'd rather advise you to first master a few online roulette games before laying the first money bet. Pick an online casino that has several variants.

In American roulette, the wheel is divided into 37 numbered slots ( 0-36). European roulette has 38 slots ( 00, 0-36). These sections are arranged randomly and coloured in black and red. Place Inside or Outside bets on these numbers. The former have high payouts but very low odds. On the other hand, Outside bets have high odds but less payouts. Choose your bet per your bankroll.

  • Roulette is a fast paced game
  • Some online casinos offer live dealer games

Other free online games

Another free game that you can play is Bingo. This is a card based game and can be played between 2 or more people. Each player has a Bingo card on which 25 random numbers are printed. These digits are arranged in rows and columns under the word B I N G O. You have to get the right letter number combinations to play the game.

Blackjack is another interesting game for all the newbies and pros.This is a card based game and is played between a dealer and one or more players. To win , a player must have a hand equal to or less than 21. Winning your game requires several strategies. You can stop taking more cards with a Stand. In Hit, you continue taking cards until you reach 21.